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What is Uncontained?

Uncontained LLC’s goal is to reduce supply chain inefficiency across different industries through innovation. Our goal is to act as a platform company and launch different products and services in order to rethink their life-cycle, its effects socially, financially and environmentally. We believe that through this process we can set precedent across the business world to facilitate better business practices for years to come. Our first brand, MuggedCake, is the first of many brands to come centered around our value-systems.


Uncontained minimizes the environmental impact of instant food while maximizing its convenience. We have launched our first brand, MuggedCake, with the flavors Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Mousse, and Strawberry Cheesecake. We leverage sustainable and minimalistic packaging. Our product is a powder mix of one of our MuggedCakes, contained in an all-in-one pouch of our product. Our ingredients are dehydrated to preserving nutrients and avoid unnecessary preservatives.


We believe that by providing our instant mug cakes, we can simplify baking and provide convenient access to a wide variety of products through packaging that takes into account the product life-cycle. Instead of having customers settle for products that just fill their stomachs quickly, they can enjoy something as tasty as a treat they would bake themselves.