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MuggedCake makes instant gluten-free, nut-free, and waste-conscious mug cakes (the only gluten-free option on the market). With dehydrated, pre-portioned self-contained pouches of the components to make a mug cake, in less than two minutes you can make a single-serve cake just by adding water, mixing, and microwaving. Through this solution, businesses and consumers can enjoy our products' increased shelf lives, fast-paced production process through re-hydration and microwaving, lack of waste due to minimization of expiration and packaging use, and allergen-friendly properties to suit various dietary needs.

This is the world of ease and convenience MuggedCake offers you.

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About Our Team

Since our start, we have had many ups and downs. When Uncontained began it was focused on removing unnecessary packaging and containers from the toiletry industry. However, after learning and experiencing the industry-specific barriers to entry in January of 2017, as well as finding a true need and gap in the instant food market, we decided to fully pivot our business.


Uncontained became a business focused on making the late-night snack space more efficient. Many college students have trouble accessing hot, natural, and fun-loving foods late night when many food delivery storefronts are closed. We have made progress in testing recipes throughout the first half of 2017 while our two-man team was still at college. We hosted a tasting event towards the end of our last semester and people we passionate about what we gave to them. 

Uncontained, now a three-man team is making effective use of its time. Generating data from our target market and lining up suppliers to produce the MuggedCake pouches, the company has grown stronger from our past complications to what we are today.


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Rumeer Keshwani (CFO/Co-Founder)

Rumeer Keshwani


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